Imported MR

Mosture Resistant

Moisture Resistance MDF is an ideal substrate for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and any other areas where moisture and high humidity is present.
Its main characteristic produced from melamine resin system is an increased in dimensional stability or lower thickness swelling where there is the risk of occasional wetting or prolonged exposure to high levels of humidity. There is an option of having green dye added on to the board. This is upon request by customer.

The overall strength and smooth surface of make it suitable for painting to achieve high quality finishing and provide a uniform substrate for overlaying. Furthermore, it can be worked easily with all conventional woodworking and hand tools.

We also manufacture High emission product (E1, E0, CARB). Its formaldehyde content of standard grade MR can vary according to the nature of the urea formaldehyde or other resin used as a binding agent. Low formaldehyde HDF, is recommended for all applications where the ventilation is likely to be restricted, where damp conditions or high ambient temperatures prevail or where the occupants of a building have special needs, in sheltered accommodation, schools and hospitals, for instance.

The binder or resin used for these types of product are developed to ensure they meet specific formaldehyde emission requirements but at the same time maintain the overall strength and the smoothness of the surface.