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Use of MDF

Bent parts for furniture, commercial equipment production and interior designing.

Back sides of cabinets and drawer bottoms (thin HDF is also suitable for this purpose).

Furniture facades production for further painting or covering by veneer, PVC, etc.

Tabletops production.

Furniture moulding parts (facades framework design elements, etc).

Furniture production (cabinet, kitchen, office, nonstandard, children’s furniture).

Furniture production for sales outlets and storages (shelves, etc).

Profiles for furniture frame fronts.

Wall alignment and preparation for final finish

“When aligning the walls, the surface quality of the base board is very important, especially in preparation for finishing of the walls . MDF is more suitable material for these works, as it is devoid of internal and external defects, such as overlap of veneer, fused and loose knots and holes, cracks. Moreover, MDF has high thermal and sound insulation: sound reduction index of plywood – 20 dB, and MDF – 24 dB, 12 mm MDF board is equal to brick wall 150 mm thick and concrete panel 260 mm thick. For wall alignment it is advisable to use MDF in combination with plasterboard. MDF is indispensable, when high density is required for hinged construction mounting. MDF, unlike gypsum, does not crumble.”

Windowsill production

Cottage and low-rise building construction

MDF (HDF) laminate flooring

Roof lathing, the second layer of roof heat insulation

To receive better result, MDF boards can be treated with waterproof oil or painted with common oil-base paint, which prolongs the service life of such roof.

Partitions in offices and appartments, arch construction, columns and other interior elements

MDF board has a perfectly flat surface and minimal deviation in length/width, which affects the quality of the wall alignment, creating arches, columns and other elements of the interior.

Bent parts for room interior

Ceiling panels

MDF boards can be easily transformed into suspended ceiling in restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops. Because of perforation, ventilation systems and diffuse cells can be placed behind the boards to avoid the damage of the room interior.

Door production (for finishing with decorative film, thin veneer or painting)

“Doors can be simple (frame made of wood, lined with thin MDF boards, with honeycomb filler); made ​​of one-piece board with a milled “false” panels or assembled – like simple wooden doors.”

Wall panels

Construction moulding parts (plinths, platbands, etc)

Steps, railings, banisters, seats, shelves, etc

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Rough flooring

T-beams made of MDF for monolithic construction

The core of the beam for interfloor bridging formwork, used in solid construction, can also be made from MDF, 24 mm thick. Reducing the price of production, MDF keeps all the required performance characteristics. The beam glueing is made with water-resistant adhesive. The beam is painted with acrylic waterproof paint.

Perforated HDF board for decorative finishing

Rail carriage construction and auto industry (for interior covering)

Billboards, exhibition stands

Storage containers, packaging production

Construction of mobile and container houses, commercial trailers, camp houses, etc.

Manufacturing of shelves, racks, stands, shop-windows etc. to equip warehouses, shops

MDF is widely used for the arrangement of warehouses: shekves, racks and stands made of MDF are very strong, durable and solid, they have even surface, do not sag and warp, have higher fire protection in comparidon with wood or chipboard. We could offer longer MDF boards to produce shelves and racks without additional joints. MDF is also used for wall covering in warehouses and shops.

Boards for fire protection means

Housing and legs of pianos and other musical instruments

Besides, MDF is used for production of:

Speakers, rear walls and covers for radio

Advantages of MDF

MDF has the following advantages over alternative materials:


– The cost of MDF is 60-70% lower than the cost of the natural wood.


– in spite of the lower cost, MDF surpasses natural wood with physical-mechanical properties, as MDF is free of internal defects of the natural wood such as knots, cracks, etc. The hardness of MDF is higher than any type of the natural wood.

– MDF is not warping, has higher density and does not possess “polythickness”.

– MDF is notable for the even distribution of its properties along the whole board.

– The strength of MDF board is 1,8-2 times higher than particle board. The strength of MDF is provided not only by the use of the synthetic resins, but also by the binding agents in fibrous interaction (lignin).

– MDF swelling factor is several times lower as compared with particle board.

– MDF boards have minimum difference in thickness and size.

– MDF does not lose its form under drastic temperature drop.

– MDF does not crumble.


– Because of its high moisture resistance MDF is widely used for kitchen and bathroom furniture. Under the influence of steam the furniture made of MDF does not warp.


– For thermal insulating properties 12 mm MDF boards are equal to the brick wall of 150 mm and reinforced concrete panel of 260 mm of thickness.


– MDF boards have high level of acoustic insulation.


– MDF is easily laminated and veneered thanks to its ideal surface as opposed to particle board.

– MDF is easily and economically painted thanks to its ideal plane surface, which absorbs less paint as opposed to particle board.

– MDF could be used for the surface embossment, which is impossible with particle board.

– MDF could be used for edge, angle and surface milling, which is impossible with particle board. This allows to give MDF parts different shape and form and widens the possibilities of their usage.

– MDF could be used for bended surfaces, which is impossible with particle board. MDF workpiece bending technology resembles the one for natural wood and plywood.

– thanks to its higher hardness, MDF holds the furniture fittings much better than particle board.

– MDF is irreplaceable, when high density is needed for the fastening of hinged elements.


– in spite of its low price, MDF is close to the natural wood on its ecological properties.

– MDF possesses higher ecological compatibility against particle board due to low emission of formaldehyde. So MDF is recommended to use for the production of kitchen and baby furniture.


– MDF is resistant to different fungi and germs, which makes MDF hygienic and safe material for everyday life.


– MDF is hardly inflammable material.

Difference between MDF, woodfiber board and particleboard

Difference between MDF, woodfiber board and particleboard

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is an engineered wood product made of fine wood chips. Fiber boards of the same thickness are manufactured from the wood, meant for felling, or wood wastes (chippings), that are milled to small fibers (chips), then subjected to high-pressure steam and fed to the rotating segments of refiner. All refined material immediately goes to the drier and subsequent glueing.
The difference between chips, used for particle board and for MDF, is like the difference between products, run through meat grinder and mixer. Wood particles are glued together with the help of lignin and wax (paraffin). Therefore, MDF is a very eco-friendly material.

Products made of MDF can be installed in premises with a relative humidity of 80%, in comparison with 60% for wood products.
Advantages: MDF/HDF is an engineered, machineable product with great structural integrity and high ecological compatibility. It offers some significant advantages, including superior dimensional stability and greater versatility in terms of shaping.
The key MDF benefit is a perfect correlation between thickness and hardness: the thickness could vary from 4 to 22 mm. Recently there appeared a lot of door frames with boxes and casings made ​​of MDF, covered with high-cost species of wood. MDF surface is flat, smooth, homogeneous and dense, which greatly simplifies the handling of MDF boards.

MDF/HDF is widely used for the furniture, doors and laminated flooring production.


Particleboard is manufactured by hot compression of wood particles, mixed with binding agent and forming the mixture into a sheet. Particleboard raw material is any low-cost wood species, both softwood and hardwood. The use properties of particleboard mainly depend on density, shape and size of wood particles and also amount and quality of the binding agent.

There are particleboards of very low (350-450 kg/m³), low (450-650 kg/m³), average (650-750 kg/m³) and high (700-800 kg/m³) density with one, three and five layers.

It is not recommended to use particleboard for premises with high moisture.

Particleboard is a widely used material for the production of cabinet furniture, interior decorations, roof and partition constructions, etc.

Advantages: waterproof, strong, easy to handle. Particleboard tightly “holds” nails and screws, could be easily machined (cut, drilled, milled, etc.), glued and painted. One more particleboard benefit is a low price. That is why particleboard is the most widely used material for the fabrication of economy-class furniture: the majority of office furniture is made of particleboard.

With some of its physical-mechanical properties particleboard even surpasses natural wood: particleboard swells less than natural wood, is low-inflammable, does not warp and has thermal and soundproof properties.   .

Disadvantages: formaldehyde resins, which bind wood particles.
Particleboard extract a certain amount of formaldehyde. Therefore, it is not the most useful product, which has to be changed.

There are two types of particleboard: Е1 and Е2.
E1 is ecologically clean product with low formaldehyde extraction. Е2 is prohibited to use for the production of furniture for children. The most ecologically clean particleboard is made in Austria and Germany.

Particleboard is also heavier and  less stronger than natural wood.

Woodfiber board

Wood fiberboard is manufactured by hot compression of uniformly milled wood mixture, impregnated with synthetic resins, with the inclusion of certain additives to the mass. The raw material for wood fiberboard is pulverized wood chips. To improve the properties of fiberboard, paraffin wax, colophony (to increase waterproof property), synthetic resin (to increase the board strength), antiseptics are added to the wood mixture.
As MDF, woodfiber board is produced from compressed wood dust, but in the case of woodfiber board, wood particles are steamed, the board is made ​​by wet pressing.

The woodfiber board types are as follows:

• extra-hard (density – 950 kg/m³);
• hard (850 кг/м³) and semi-hard (400 kg/m³);
• insulating-finishing (250 kg/m³);
• insulating (up to 250 kg/m³) .

Woodfiber board is very resistant to humidity drops. Back sides of the majority cabinets and cupboards as well as drawer bottoms are made of woodfiber board. (Plywood is used for production of the most expensive furniture instead of woodfiber board.)

Advantage: low price and high durability

Laminated MDF or Melamine MDF

What is Melamine/ Laminated  MDF?

Melamine faced Or Laminated  MDF is used for design applications, and is the perfect material to use to create shelves, a table or cupboards. Whether on a job or carrying out DIY tasks at home, this is the perfect type of MDF to use.

Melamine or Lamination is a strong material and combined with the MDF will give you a durable material to work with that also has a great looking finish. It is also easy to clean, making it perfect for a table, as it is also stain resistant.

Browse all of our melamine faced  laminated MDF products below and check out our ranges of premium MDF and veneered MDF for more great products. With nearly 100 years experience in the timber industry you can count on Arnold Laver to supply only the highest quality materials from responsible sources!

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Tiger Woods in Karachi

In August of 1996, the face of golf was forever changed when a very successful amateur player named Tiger Woods officially became a professional golfer.  Tiger has been credited with renewing interest in the game of golf.  At just twenty-one years old, he brought youth and vitality to the game of golf with his great game and his outgoing attitude.

Woods was a child prodigy who began to play golf at the age of two. In 1978, he putted against comedian Bob Hope in a television appearance on The Mike Douglas Show. At age three, Woods shot a 48 over nine holes at the Navy Golf Club in Cypress, California, and at age five, he appeared in Golf Digest and on ABC’s That’s Incredible.

At the age of 15 Tiger Woods became the youngest U.S. Junior Amateur Open Champion in golf history.  He would go on to win the tournament three more times making him the event’s only multiple winner as well as the youngest.  Continuing his record breaking career, Woods was the youngest to win the U.S. Amateur Championship which bought him a ticket into the PGA Masters.  He tied for 41st making him the only amateur to make the cut.

His professional career has been just as prolific.  Immediately upon turn pro, Tiger signed endorsement deals worth $60 million with Nike and Titleist.  He played his first round of professional golf at the Greater Milwaukee Open. He tied for 60th place in his pro debut, but would go on to win two events in the next three months, and qualify for the Tour Championship.

Tiger Woods is the only golfer to win the PGA Player of the Year award in the year following his rookie season. The following April, Woods won his first golf major, The Masters, by a record margin of 12 strokes, became the youngest Masters winner, and the first winner of African or Asian descent.

He eventually set a total of 20 Masters records and tied 6 others, and has been the highest-profile golfer in the world ever since. He would go on to win an additional three PGA Tour events that year, and on June 15, 1997, Woods rose to the number one spot in the Official World Golf Rankings for the first time. Tiger Woods achieved this in only his 42nd week as a professional — the fastest ever ascent to the No. 1 ranking.

Currently ranked #1 in the world, there’s no doubt about it that Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time.  He has made the game of golf fun again as we all watch to see him continue to break records and win tournaments.

Wood Table for Picnic

Summer is made for outdoor living and if you happen to be in a place where the sun and warmth only last a few weeks a year you want to get outside as often as you can. There are some essentials that every young family needs when it comes to equipping their yard for the warm weather. If small children are present a swing set will keep them in the fresh air and will provide some exercise too. A wooden picnic table gives them a place to eat their lunch while enjoying the sun.

The type you purchase is going to depend heavily on how handy you are. There are several different styles and you can usually buy them in kits that you build or models that are already made. The wooden picnic table kit tends to be less expensive as you’re going to be doing much of the hard work yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable taking on such a taunting task you can purchase it pre-assembled and even have the wooden picnic table delivered to your home.

Shape is another consideration you’ll have to make. Traditionally they’ve come in one shape which was rectangular. These types of picnic tables are the ones you’ll see readily dotting campgrounds all over the country. Many people choose them because they are generally the least expensive outdoor table. You also have the option, depending on what wood it is made from, to paint it or stain it.

A large circle is a relatively new design in outdoor furniture. The bench that is attached to this type of wooden picnic table comes in two separate pieces. Each stretches half way around the base of the table. This is a great design for small children and also if you are planning on seating more than a few people at the table. It seems to offer more elbow room than its wooden counterpart does. Many people also think it’s more aesthetically pleasing so if that’s a concern you may want to strongly consider this shape.

They last for years if taken care of properly. Even if you aren’t planning on painting or staining the table, you should apply some type of wood protector coat. This will ensure that the wood won’t rot when it’s exposed to rain or snow. Even if the material your wooden picnic table is made from is pressure treated there is a small chance that it can turn green over time, so again, the protection in the form of a coating you apply will help prevent that from occurring.

Wood Chairs for Office

Along with the many chairs you can get for your office,
there are the wooden office chairs. These chairs are
yet another choice, offering ergonomic adjustments
and many upholstery options for you to choose from.

All wooden office chairs are yet another option for
you to consider.  Also referred to as banker’s chairs,
the biggest problem to wooden chairs are that there
are few adjustment available; with height sometimes
being the only adjustment to the chair.

When you look at a wooden office chair, make sure
that it fits your body style.  Unless you plan on
using a cushioned seat pad, the contour of the seat
edge shouldn’t be too hard.  If it is, you’ll need
a seat pad to avoid sitting on a hard surface.

All wooden chairs tend to be very durable, as there
is no padding to compress or upholstery to wear out.
With minimum care a wooden office chair can last for
many years.

Below, you will find some helpful tips for prolonging
the life and quality of your wooden office chair:
– Never place your chair close to sources of
heat as the heat will dry out the wood.  Keep it out
of the way of heat.
– Never leave your wooden office chair in
direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as the
sun may damage the finish of the wood.
– You should dust your chair frequently with
a soft cloth, then clean it according to the
manufacturers directions.
– On occasion, wax or polish your wooden
office chair.  Never wax urethane finished woods,
as it will increase the amount of dust that the chair
will attract.

By taking care of your wooden office chairs, they’ll
be around for years.  These chairs add mystique to
an office, making them an ideal choice for offices
that desire to be creative.

Making Shelves And Larger Projects For Woodworking

I get the question a lot lately about cutting dado’s and grooves for larger projects such as shelves. If you are a beginner woodworker, you spend a lot of time just trying to figure out which tool you need to build the project you are interested in. It’s nice if you have someone there with you to ask your questions to, but it does not always work that way. If you go to a website to purchase the tools, you probably will not be able to speak to someone knowledgeable about how to make a part or cut a certain type of joint. The one question I get asked about a lot pertains to router tables. A lot of people want to use the table to cut the larger grooves to hold the horizontal shelf portion for a book case. Usually these items are longer, averaging about 72 inches in length. Most router tables are only about 30 to 35” long.

The problem you run into is that the project is longer than the table and you cannot support the work piece. This is a common problem, so you’re not alone. Unless you work in a cabinet shop, you are going to have to figure out a way to support your work piece. You can always go out and by a roller stand for the support. I recommend setting up some sort of bench stand. Even boxes that help hold your work piece have worked. The whole idea is to make something work and then take it apart. Again this is very common.

Cutting the grooves is left best to two different tools. The first is the table saw. You really need to have a dado blade set up in the table saw to do a decent job that will not take you all day. The table saw allows you to cut the grooves in one or two passes. Again because the pieces are larger you will have to fashion some sort of support. The other tool you can use is a handheld router. You will need an edge guide for this method. An edge guide is a nice tool that is basically a straight edge with a clamp built into each end. You can even substitute a straight piece of wood if you do not have an edge guide. You will want to install a straight bit into your router and line up the edge of the cutter with a line you have drawn on your project. Next clamp down your edge guide so that your routers base plate will move along the cut line as you have it drawn. It only takes one complete cut before you will be flying through this type of joint. The time is spent in the setup and in figuring out how you want to make the cut. Make sure you only take the stock out in small bites so as not to bog down the router. This is better for the tool and for your router bits.

Cheap Furniture

You may think that if you don’t have a lot of money that you have to buy cheap furniture, though you may have no other option. Furniture is one thing that definitely will tell the tale of it’s price the longer you own it. When buying something that is very inexpensive, you are going to find that it breaks rather easily, looks a little off in your home, and won’t last you nearly as long as something that is a quality item.

You can buy cheap furniture in many discount stores. You may even find some in the discount dollar stores. I wouldn’t advise you to buy anything remotely related to furniture in a store like that. Would you really want to buy something to sit your television on that cost you ten dollars? I wouldn’t. On the other hand, you can get some good stuff for a lesser price, but perhaps you should skip the discount stores altogether unless you want to be buying the same item all over again in six months.

You may have better luck visiting a real furniture dealer in your area. This is how I got an amazing set for my living room. I got a coffee table and two end tables for a hundred dollars, and they are of great quality and were just what I was looking for. The only thing cheap about this cheap furniture is the price. I got an amazing deal and there is no reason why you can’t do the same.

When you arrive, you will probably be greeted by salespersons that are looking to make a big commission from you. Don’t let that bother you. Ask if you can see their clearance area. They have stuff that is off-season, or that was reserved by never picked up. You may have to do a little searching but this is a great way to get cheap furniture that is of very good quality. You may not get a warranty, but you will love what you get, and it will last you a long time.

You also have the option of buying used stuff when you want to find cheap furniture. I don’t know if it is wise to buy a sofa from an unknown source, and I most certainly would never buy a use mattress, but you can find some cheap furniture by going to rummage sales or by looking in the classifieds. These pieces may just need to be cleaned up or refinished in order for you to have a great piece of furniture that didn’t cost you more than you can afford.